How do you say “Revelé”?

REH-VAH-LAY! Our name may be hard to say, but our bars are great, so eat away!

How did Revelé begin?

It began with two food scientists on a quest to satisfy their sweet tooth!

Founders, Dr. Jareer Abu-Ali and Dr. Puntarika Ratanatriwong ended up falling madly in love and moving to Thailand to open a frozen yogurt shop. Their story didn't end there! After much success, they journeyed back to where it all started, America, and set up shop in Huntington Beach, California. That's where they had their revelation- to create frozen treats that were both light and low calorie- and the brand Revelé was born.

Where does Revelé manufacture its products?

We are based out of Huntington Beach, CA. Everything is made in-house so we make sure it’s great quality right from the beginning.

What makes Revelé different than other ice creams I see in stores?

Revelé created the world’s first vegan frozen yogurt bar! Oh, and they’re chocolate dipped too so that’s two firsts. Our goal is to make the plant-based diet, the lactose-free diet, or any other diet, a more achievable lifestyle for everyone. With delicious flavors and unique colors, our products are super fun and good for you too!


Nutrition & Ingredients

What is vegan frozen yogurt?

Vegan Frozen Yogurt is simply frozen yogurt without the Cruelty!

We create our plant base frozen yogurt by balancing the flavors and creaminess of coconut milk with almond milk. We then infuse it with active probiotic cultures to give it that distinct yogurt essence. The result is a delicious frozen yogurt experience without the health, environmental, and animal cruelty pitfalls of Dairy yogurt.

Why we use Allulose?

At Revelé, we pride ourselves on using all real ingredients. Erythritol and sugar alcohols are ingredients that typically cause headaches, tummy aches, and often leave a bad taste in your mouth. Therefore, we like to use all real ingredients to keep our product delicious and ache-free!


What does it mean when it says “Packed with Probiotics”?

Not all yogurts are created equally, especially ours because we have vegan yogurt! Even with vegan yogurt, there are live and active cultures that fill our bars. These probiotics are delicious and they help with your gut!

Why we use guar gum.

Guar is extracted from guar beans. It is part of the pea family and has stabilizing and thickening properties that help our ingredients stay together and taste delicious.

What makes the chocolate coating yellow and pink?

It all starts with vegan white chocolate. For yellow chocolate we mix in turmeric extract and for pink we mix in beetroot extract; it’s as simple as that.


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