Revelé is the World’s First Chocolate Covered Vegan Frozen Yogurt Bar. Say goodbye to tummy aches and unsatisfied sweet tooths and say hello to a new age of irresistible flavors packed with magical probiotics. Made with 100% plant-based ingredients like the most exquisitely rare allulose sugar, but never any sugar alcohols, Revelé’s vegan chocolate covered deliciousness is the start of something new. 

We are exclusively bringing you the first allulose vegan frozen yogurt, made for everyone. Feel free to do a happy dance after sinking your teeth into the amazing wonder that is Revelé, we’re happy to dance with you. 

REH-VAH-LAY, our name may be hard to say but our bars are great so eat away.



Leading the world towards a more sustainable future by bridging the gap between plant-based and indulgence.



There’s a lot of different frozen desserts out there and they are not all created equally. At Revelé we pride ourselves on being better. Being better with our choice of ingredients, tasting better than the other guys, being better for our planet, and most of all being better for you. We curate real ingredients, like actual fruit from trees, organic cane sugar that grows on a farm, not sugar alcohol made in a lab, and most of all we select sustainable plant-based ingredients that benefit the planet and our tummies. Our vegan yogurt bars are the ultimate dessert that anyone, anywhere can enjoy regardless of their diet choices or their age, making them the better choice for you and our Mother Earth.

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